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September 9, 2019: Errata Article Coming Up

In Hexagram #3 I will have an article listing my known errata/updates for TFT. This article will not include things like punctuation or trivial typos, nor will it be intended for actual rules changes - that's what we have articles (or new editions) for, when necessary. But I'd like to make sure that I haven't overlooked anything that I'd consider an actual erratum. At the risk of opening the floodgates to the nitpickers - and you know who you are, so please curate yourself before posting if you're able! - I've started a new topic, "TFT Errata for Hexagram #3," in the forums.

Here's what I have so far:

24 – Under Repair, last sentence, the spell referred to should be Restore Device; there is no such thing as Repair Device.


27 – Lightning – Maximum of 3 points per casting.


30 – To clarify: It does not cost 1 ST to make a physical whack with the staff. The ST is spent when the staff’s occult damage is to be done.


33 – Wizard’s Wrath – Maximum of 3 points per casting.


39, 176. The Talent name is Remove Traps, plural.


49 – In entry 9 of the last table, the distance of “13 megahexes” will be easier to use on the labyrinth map.


82 – An octopus has eight arms, not eight legs.


92-93. The fur of the giant wolverine stops 2 hits.


95 – A giant snake or monster snake has IQ 4.


96 – A crabman has one big set of pincers per arm.


99-100. Rats may stack at two per hex; they must still be attacked individually.


100 – Some text is missing in Scuttles. The second paragraph should begin “Hand-sized when they attack, Scuttles jump onto their prey and bite like giant ticks. They drink blood, swelling to balloon-size, and drop off when sated.”


103 – Option (s) should be “Shift one hex (or stand still) and attempt to disbelieve one figure.”


106 – Add “You cannot disengage by crawling... (more)

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