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January 20, 2019: 12 New Rumors

One of our stretch goals for the adventure book was to publish three rumors. Except that even the long ones are short, so we decided to double that. And there was great support past the last stretch goal, so we’re doubling that again. So here they are. The numbers are only in case you want to use a d12 . . .

1. A Mechanician has built a clockwork cart full of sandwiches. If you put a silver piece into the mechanical hand, it will give you a sandwich wrapped in a paper that tells your fortune. A joker tried to fool the cart with a copper piece filed down to the size of a silver, but a big padded boot popped out of the side and kicked him in the fork, to general laughter. The sandwiches are good and all the fortunes are favorable. What could go wrong?

2. Everyone who drank light ale at the Lucky Goat last night became as strong as an ox for a few hours. Fortunately, it’s a peaceful tavern, and there were no brawls, but a lot of solid oak furniture was splintered by experimental kicks and punches. The cask of ale is empty now, and maybe that’s for the best. What if this were to happen at the Diamond Axe? Or, fates forfend, the Jawbone?

3. Everyone who knows their numbers is sure that there is supposed to be something between 22 and 24, but no one can recall what it might be. A master of the Scholar’s Guild tried to work his way back from 46 but collapsed and took to his bed, raving about the Law of Fives.

4. A former master of the Scholars’ Guild (the same one? Maybe there are a lot of rumors about this scholar), locked in a tower there for weeks “for his own protection,” has escaped. He believes that the world is round and the chickens are our true masters, and can debate the matter persuasively . . . but when confronted by dumplings, he becomes violent.

5. The lord of the next city over is said to have ruled for 128 years, and he still looks like he’s in his 40s.... (more)

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